I love what I do

I'm a highly conceptually driven creative with 14 years experience across a broad range of disciplines within the creative fields of advertising, branding and design. I've have worked through-the-line but predominantly in the digital and integrated spaces. Progressing at large agencies such as WPP's Aqua Online, Ogilvy and Gloo (Digital Agency of the year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2015 + Advertising Agency of the year 2012). I have also previously co-owned Dream Out Loud, a small design studio in JHB where we punched above our weight against larger agencies.

During my time at Gloo and Ogilvy I focussed on tech innovation for brands where I lead the creation of Gloo Content Studio and later the Ogilvy Customer Innovation Lab in Cape Town. A tech facility for learning and inspiring meaningful brand experiences for consumers through digital innovation. My approach is highly consumer centric and ideas driven. Crafting away at concepts and problem solving rather than design is where I'm most effective. Not all my brave ideas make into existence but I continue to seek ambitious new clients and agencies who want to push the boundaries. We live in such exciting times regarding the use of technology that the landscape of opportunities for brands grows daily.

Most recently I have consulted to and worked with FoxP2, the 2016 leading small agency in South Africa where I secured 4 Creative Circle awards from the Loeries Association for my work on SPCA Animal Welfare. The work resonated with both audiences and judges as it secured a Silver Bookmark, Bronze Loerie and a One Show Finalist.

As another creative outlet, I do photography, where I experiment and play with various topics, techniques and subject matters. A geek at heart, I still play video games and fly drones when I get the chance. See my visual exploration on instagram @visionandlight.