It all started with a question

How can we lead as digital innovators if we don't have the technology at hand to experiment and explore with? I submitted a proposal to Ogilvy to build a content lab and tech facility. A creative space where employees could play and expirement with the latest technology, birthing new innovative brand experiences. It also doubled as a photo and video studio where we could easily produce content on the fly without all the red tape of regular production. The space was built to look like a workshop and lab. This worked incredibly well with clients during popcorn sessions where they could experience the technology themselves and feel excited about the possibilities for their brands. You can't do innovative work if you can't sell the work to clients.


The Content Lab

To inspire staff as to the capabilities of the content studio, myself and a few of my team members decided to shoot a little mockumentary based on the hit TV show 'The Office', starring only ourselves about preparing for the opening of the Content Lab. A simple little production we shot over 2 days in between our regular responsibilities. The very short film was played at the opening of the lab for staff. It's called 'The Studio'